Monday, October 19, 2009

The Job In Subang

sorry 4 not updating for quite awhile..
i was busy..sorry i was lazy..haha.

hre im gonna share wth u guys my second time on job as freelance wedding photographer..
n i tell u one thing..
this profession is tiring,chalanging, n requires high discipline and punctuality..
but also fun, n intresting..:)

it was friday nite, aby called on all staff for an emergency meeting since thre are some canges involving
the scheduele of saturday's shoot (17 october)..whn she reached me i was in mid valley wth my girl..
after aby called, i drove my girl straight away home since she's not well to tag along..
since i must send my girl 2 her auntie's instead of her place, it took me sometime to get to the meeting on time.

once i reached aby n naz,
they both lecture me about punctuality n discipline..
hre u can see the discpline in an organization..
so this is my first time experiencing a real job scenario..
n this is very benificial for times to come since im joining this freelance profession for the sake of experience to get ready for jobs after i finish my diploma in masscommunication..

on that meeting aby gve guidelines on what to do tommorow..
shw told me to be there sharp at 8.30am..
on the shooting aspect she demands me more vertical shots..
good angles, aperture and iso cntrol, n no burst shots..
i write it all down n went home to get ready for tomorrow..

4 hours had past n it was 6.00am
naz called me to wake me up for the job..
oh yeah da nervous da n try to keep myself calm n ready..
i got ready n fetch naz by 7.00..
on the road to the bride's house, me n naz ecounter a problem where we are lost in the search
for the house..
this problem can be encounter wth a scout mission a day b4..
bt last friday nite all d staff was bz with clients n me with my personal affairs..
so we cntacted aby whch is in rembau recently for the direction to the house..
after aby gve us the correct direction to the house,
me n naz fllow the direction given n succeed at last!..
we reached the house at 8.45 am..
yeah we both are 15 min late but it is still okay since the makeup artist is juz getting started on the bride..
as naz doing shots on the makeup, i was outside shooting candids n talking to the family members in search for contacts favour on our group..:)
aby herself told us about searching for contacts..:)
so thats what i did and i follow every single guideline for the job to show my commitment
to the group..:)
on that day i shoot on makeup, the akad nikah, the bride and groom,guest, candids, group photos..
but among all i fucked up on shooting the ring wearing session, maklum laa,,
flash xde, plus tempat pun sempit cuz ramai org, da tuh cner,
i got to compete with other awesome cmeras with their flashes..
but alhamdulillah i got few shots that i think will do for the day,,:)

later on after luch,
my camera had ran out off battery,
hell yeah u guess it,
i was like "oh shit! oh shit! im so fuckin screwed!"
the evebt is still goin on n thre r more guests coming along the way,
so i told naz tht i wanna run back home to get my chrger..
she told me not to cuz it will still be the same, still missing moments whn
im on my way to get my chrger..
but i ran bck home anyway cuz i know its the best thing to do..
half an hour later, i was back at the wedding n chrge my camera in the brides dressing room..
shortly later, naz told me that its up to my camera now since her cmera is low on battery,
n the wedding is still meriah!
it was soooo close....
wht if i dont ran back to get my chrger?
then we both r truly screwed..

the wedding ends around 6.00pm,
we both are exhausted n hungry..
after the wedding we both head to ben's open house
eat grilled lamb n had a few laughs b4 we had home to our
huhuu..but worth it!:)

so this wht i had in mind for the next job

-bring camera charger
-bring phone charger
-bring extra money
-scout the destination of the shoot the day b4..
-get enough rest
-eat well
-make guidelines on wht to shoot
-do not burst shooting

ill show both of them my commitment!
n ill show them that im worth something!
n im sure one day ill be as good as them..
thnx sisters for the oppurtunity..
i wont let u guys down!:)