Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cuti 5 Bulan..

ohh hohh..
i know its been awhile since my last entry..
much had goin on in awhile and i sorf off dont have tym for upldating this
blog for u guys to read..
ok honestly aku malas je nk update..

mane tak nye..connection internet umah aku sangat lah GEMPAK

for starters,
i differed my studies this semester..(jan-may)
haha lama kan?
the reason im doin this is because that job oppurtunity tht i, aby n naz got
from their friend..
if god will's it the 3 of us would go to europe to shoot Zapin tour for 3 weeks..
but still till now xde ape sbarang confirmation jadi ke tidak
but klau xjadi pun xpe laa.
mmg nak pun aku differ, nak ada kan balek mood nak blaja tuh,,
i've been out of track recently, sngt2 x best..
so for this 5 fuckin months,
aku nak cri keje, nak kmpul duit beli xbox360..
idaman target awal, memandangkan gaming is one of my passion aswell..
thats all for now i guess..
see ya later kot2 aku nak citer pasal band aku n target aku pulak ke..:)
k adios muchachos..