Monday, February 1, 2010

No Car For You Hazim...Again

Here am i once again.
alone downstairs covered with darkness with only the light from
the lappy reflected on my face n fingers, sighing fate with despair
as thought of recent event that happen earlier this afternoon..
oh damn me, my headache got on my nerve already but, im gonna blog anyway
since im out of books to read..
let me take a sipp from my mild hot white coffee before i start..


aaahhhhhhh...much better..

so last night was fuck up..
my cousin called yesterday evening inviting me to have a drink and smoke around
Ampang. So later on that Maghrib i grab the car keys and went on straight to Ampang
without mentioning it to my mother..
oohh wht a big mistake i made u see..
i'll tell u tht part later on..
sooo i drove my pathethic self with a smile carved up my freakin face to Ampang
just after maghrib prayers calls stroke out across the atmosphere with a rather excited and
happy expression..
20 fuckin minutes later..
i reach his house..:)
but he wasnt there..
so i made my prayers while wait for him..
so when he reached home, i asked him to hustle up cuz im quite in a rush..
yes im 20 and still have a fucking curfew up my ass..thanks..
so my curfew is at 1 am..
so the current tym was 9.30pm..
T minus 3 hours and 30 minuntes
As he had done grooming himself, he told me that a friend of ours, a girl to b precise, will be joining our aquintances.
at this moment of time i'd smell problems in the air that this particular problem will be easily directed to me..
my cousin should told me earlier..that she will be joining..
if known earlier i would take the hang as a raincheck that night, cuz i know others appearance will interfere with my time management..
the reason why im saying this is because, she is supposed to go back to her college
that night but she decided to extend her stay till tomorrow..
i tot she had already sorted out her accomodation that night
so, the three of us continued to enjoy each other companies as we planned..
and yes we did untill the most turn off event occured,,
my dad called..
nabbing about the car usage and the curfew agreement,
and i gave out a reply that my cousin is goin to sleepover
and that is way im goin to be back a lil bit late that night
so its now Its 12.07am..
so i called the hang off and decided to make my leave for home with my cousin,
and the girl called her friend to mention about her goin to sleepover for the night..
but unfortunately,
her friend does not pickup her calls,,
thus unleashing an atmosphere of panic in the air of our surroundings..
she tried to reach anyone she can, and we wasted an hour infront my cousin house thinking
about her accomodation that night..
so when all hopes had lost,
i got a thought about my pet sis who lived around maluri,
she would be a great help if shes around the house..
so slide my phone up n dialed up her number
and again unfortunately
she was on the line and cant answer, most probably settling some bussiness with her sweetheart i presume.
Felt like a few blink of the eyes later, 30 minutes had past during my desperate attempt to reach my pet sis..
so now its 1.30..
My cousin and i had come to an alternative to check her in a low budget hotel near my place to spend the night as there is no other option for her to choose..
so we drove back to puchong and be standing infront of the hotel reception in another 20 minutes time..

So there i was, all tired and moodless infront of the reception.
rm 60, room rate that i'd expected UNFORTUNATELY sold out..
wow what a sum pair of people fucked that night, i thought..hahah:D
there are only rm125 rated room left that night..
My cousin is the one who whould pay for the room since im quite broke..
but i stopped him since its to expensive, and not worth it,
later on, thank god my pet sis called me back..
so she told me that shes in puchong, thank god again..
so asked her, can my friend stayed with her for the night..
and she said yes,..THANK GOD...problem solve, her main problem is solve..
not mine..

We reached my pet sis house at 2.30am..
had a little chat for 20 minutes,
and then head on home..
i reached my home at 3.00 am..
2 hours extended from my fuckin curfew..

So as the glorious sun arises later on this morning..
i went downstair and found out a sense of despair from my mother..
we i got into a lecture, enduring it with both mental and physical strength,
she said

"ko ni gi mane2 susah nak bagitaw aku kan??!!"
"time maghrib smlm ko tros blah mrayau bwk kreta tuh cam hak ko"
"aku taknaklah slahkan sedare dalam hal ni, da mmg ko silap dari start ko klua maghrib smlm!"
"biadap! takleh mnang langsung kan bile gado ngn ko? ade je bnde ko nk ckp!"
"if ko rase ko nak wat kpale ko, ko pindah kua dari umah nih abes cite"

so it seems like it was my fault all along..
but if i'd manage to get home earlier before my curfew hours, i can still
can ease her anger over me..
okay this is the grand finale...

"dah sudah la ko ngan alasan ko"
"merajuk aku, haih!"
"ko je la btol orang keliling ko slah"

but really its not entirely my fault right o dear readers?
so as commonly mothers do at this point, they would
not listen to shit what are you trying to explain..
and then she said the most feared thing tht i dont want to hear from her mouth..

"dah lepas nih takde kesian2 untuk kau dah"
"no car for you Hazim"

after that delightful lecture about car usage curfew agreement and job googling,
i kissed my mother's hand and hug her as i apologize intend to cool herself down
from making matters even worse..
so i asked permission to send my cousin back to his house,
got her permission, drive out of the house,
picked up the girl,
and send my cousin and the girl back to my cousin's house..
i drove back to Ampang with curses upon the tip of my tounge, despairing my luck
and actions..
but then i had i thought,
everything happens for a reason..
and maybe God had decided its better for me to not drive for now..
and suddenly realized that my mother loves me..
thats why she was all pissed off..
shes just worried..concern..
so okay, have it your way mother..
i'll stay home like a good lad and read as much as i please till u cooled down..

there u have it..