Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 Days From Bane

Bane lgi 3 ari..
esok jam..
alhamdulillah, makin jam makin tight..
harap aku x fuck up time bane karang
sekian terima kasih..

Monday, February 1, 2010

No Car For You Hazim...Again

Here am i once again.
alone downstairs covered with darkness with only the light from
the lappy reflected on my face n fingers, sighing fate with despair
as thought of recent event that happen earlier this afternoon..
oh damn me, my headache got on my nerve already but, im gonna blog anyway
since im out of books to read..
let me take a sipp from my mild hot white coffee before i start..


aaahhhhhhh...much better..

so last night was fuck up..
my cousin called yesterday evening inviting me to have a drink and smoke around
Ampang. So later on that Maghrib i grab the car keys and went on straight to Ampang
without mentioning it to my mother..
oohh wht a big mistake i made u see..
i'll tell u tht part later on..
sooo i drove my pathethic self with a smile carved up my freakin face to Ampang
just after maghrib prayers calls stroke out across the atmosphere with a rather excited and
happy expression..
20 fuckin minutes later..
i reach his house..:)
but he wasnt there..
so i made my prayers while wait for him..
so when he reached home, i asked him to hustle up cuz im quite in a rush..
yes im 20 and still have a fucking curfew up my ass..thanks..
so my curfew is at 1 am..
so the current tym was 9.30pm..
T minus 3 hours and 30 minuntes
As he had done grooming himself, he told me that a friend of ours, a girl to b precise, will be joining our aquintances.
at this moment of time i'd smell problems in the air that this particular problem will be easily directed to me..
my cousin should told me earlier..that she will be joining..
if known earlier i would take the hang as a raincheck that night, cuz i know others appearance will interfere with my time management..
the reason why im saying this is because, she is supposed to go back to her college
that night but she decided to extend her stay till tomorrow..
i tot she had already sorted out her accomodation that night
so, the three of us continued to enjoy each other companies as we planned..
and yes we did untill the most turn off event occured,,
my dad called..
nabbing about the car usage and the curfew agreement,
and i gave out a reply that my cousin is goin to sleepover
and that is way im goin to be back a lil bit late that night
so its now Its 12.07am..
so i called the hang off and decided to make my leave for home with my cousin,
and the girl called her friend to mention about her goin to sleepover for the night..
but unfortunately,
her friend does not pickup her calls,,
thus unleashing an atmosphere of panic in the air of our surroundings..
she tried to reach anyone she can, and we wasted an hour infront my cousin house thinking
about her accomodation that night..
so when all hopes had lost,
i got a thought about my pet sis who lived around maluri,
she would be a great help if shes around the house..
so slide my phone up n dialed up her number
and again unfortunately
she was on the line and cant answer, most probably settling some bussiness with her sweetheart i presume.
Felt like a few blink of the eyes later, 30 minutes had past during my desperate attempt to reach my pet sis..
so now its 1.30..
My cousin and i had come to an alternative to check her in a low budget hotel near my place to spend the night as there is no other option for her to choose..
so we drove back to puchong and be standing infront of the hotel reception in another 20 minutes time..

So there i was, all tired and moodless infront of the reception.
rm 60, room rate that i'd expected UNFORTUNATELY sold out..
wow what a sum pair of people fucked that night, i thought..hahah:D
there are only rm125 rated room left that night..
My cousin is the one who whould pay for the room since im quite broke..
but i stopped him since its to expensive, and not worth it,
later on, thank god my pet sis called me back..
so she told me that shes in puchong, thank god again..
so asked her, can my friend stayed with her for the night..
and she said yes,..THANK GOD...problem solve, her main problem is solve..
not mine..

We reached my pet sis house at 2.30am..
had a little chat for 20 minutes,
and then head on home..
i reached my home at 3.00 am..
2 hours extended from my fuckin curfew..

So as the glorious sun arises later on this morning..
i went downstair and found out a sense of despair from my mother..
we i got into a lecture, enduring it with both mental and physical strength,
she said

"ko ni gi mane2 susah nak bagitaw aku kan??!!"
"time maghrib smlm ko tros blah mrayau bwk kreta tuh cam hak ko"
"aku taknaklah slahkan sedare dalam hal ni, da mmg ko silap dari start ko klua maghrib smlm!"
"biadap! takleh mnang langsung kan bile gado ngn ko? ade je bnde ko nk ckp!"
"if ko rase ko nak wat kpale ko, ko pindah kua dari umah nih abes cite"

so it seems like it was my fault all along..
but if i'd manage to get home earlier before my curfew hours, i can still
can ease her anger over me..
okay this is the grand finale...

"dah sudah la ko ngan alasan ko"
"merajuk aku, haih!"
"ko je la btol orang keliling ko slah"

but really its not entirely my fault right o dear readers?
so as commonly mothers do at this point, they would
not listen to shit what are you trying to explain..
and then she said the most feared thing tht i dont want to hear from her mouth..

"dah lepas nih takde kesian2 untuk kau dah"
"no car for you Hazim"

after that delightful lecture about car usage curfew agreement and job googling,
i kissed my mother's hand and hug her as i apologize intend to cool herself down
from making matters even worse..
so i asked permission to send my cousin back to his house,
got her permission, drive out of the house,
picked up the girl,
and send my cousin and the girl back to my cousin's house..
i drove back to Ampang with curses upon the tip of my tounge, despairing my luck
and actions..
but then i had i thought,
everything happens for a reason..
and maybe God had decided its better for me to not drive for now..
and suddenly realized that my mother loves me..
thats why she was all pissed off..
shes just worried..concern..
so okay, have it your way mother..
i'll stay home like a good lad and read as much as i please till u cooled down..

there u have it..




Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cuti 5 Bulan..

ohh hohh..
i know its been awhile since my last entry..
much had goin on in awhile and i sorf off dont have tym for upldating this
blog for u guys to read..
ok honestly aku malas je nk update..

mane tak nye..connection internet umah aku sangat lah GEMPAK

for starters,
i differed my studies this semester..(jan-may)
haha lama kan?
the reason im doin this is because that job oppurtunity tht i, aby n naz got
from their friend..
if god will's it the 3 of us would go to europe to shoot Zapin tour for 3 weeks..
but still till now xde ape sbarang confirmation jadi ke tidak
but klau xjadi pun xpe laa.
mmg nak pun aku differ, nak ada kan balek mood nak blaja tuh,,
i've been out of track recently, sngt2 x best..
so for this 5 fuckin months,
aku nak cri keje, nak kmpul duit beli xbox360..
idaman target awal, memandangkan gaming is one of my passion aswell..
thats all for now i guess..
see ya later kot2 aku nak citer pasal band aku n target aku pulak ke..:)
k adios muchachos..

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Job In Subang

sorry 4 not updating for quite awhile..
i was busy..sorry i was lazy..haha.

hre im gonna share wth u guys my second time on job as freelance wedding photographer..
n i tell u one thing..
this profession is tiring,chalanging, n requires high discipline and punctuality..
but also fun, n intresting..:)

it was friday nite, aby called on all staff for an emergency meeting since thre are some canges involving
the scheduele of saturday's shoot (17 october)..whn she reached me i was in mid valley wth my girl..
after aby called, i drove my girl straight away home since she's not well to tag along..
since i must send my girl 2 her auntie's instead of her place, it took me sometime to get to the meeting on time.

once i reached aby n naz,
they both lecture me about punctuality n discipline..
hre u can see the discpline in an organization..
so this is my first time experiencing a real job scenario..
n this is very benificial for times to come since im joining this freelance profession for the sake of experience to get ready for jobs after i finish my diploma in masscommunication..

on that meeting aby gve guidelines on what to do tommorow..
shw told me to be there sharp at 8.30am..
on the shooting aspect she demands me more vertical shots..
good angles, aperture and iso cntrol, n no burst shots..
i write it all down n went home to get ready for tomorrow..

4 hours had past n it was 6.00am
naz called me to wake me up for the job..
oh yeah da nervous da n try to keep myself calm n ready..
i got ready n fetch naz by 7.00..
on the road to the bride's house, me n naz ecounter a problem where we are lost in the search
for the house..
this problem can be encounter wth a scout mission a day b4..
bt last friday nite all d staff was bz with clients n me with my personal affairs..
so we cntacted aby whch is in rembau recently for the direction to the house..
after aby gve us the correct direction to the house,
me n naz fllow the direction given n succeed at last!..
we reached the house at 8.45 am..
yeah we both are 15 min late but it is still okay since the makeup artist is juz getting started on the bride..
as naz doing shots on the makeup, i was outside shooting candids n talking to the family members in search for contacts favour on our group..:)
aby herself told us about searching for contacts..:)
so thats what i did and i follow every single guideline for the job to show my commitment
to the group..:)
on that day i shoot on makeup, the akad nikah, the bride and groom,guest, candids, group photos..
but among all i fucked up on shooting the ring wearing session, maklum laa,,
flash xde, plus tempat pun sempit cuz ramai org, da tuh cner,
i got to compete with other awesome cmeras with their flashes..
but alhamdulillah i got few shots that i think will do for the day,,:)

later on after luch,
my camera had ran out off battery,
hell yeah u guess it,
i was like "oh shit! oh shit! im so fuckin screwed!"
the evebt is still goin on n thre r more guests coming along the way,
so i told naz tht i wanna run back home to get my chrger..
she told me not to cuz it will still be the same, still missing moments whn
im on my way to get my chrger..
but i ran bck home anyway cuz i know its the best thing to do..
half an hour later, i was back at the wedding n chrge my camera in the brides dressing room..
shortly later, naz told me that its up to my camera now since her cmera is low on battery,
n the wedding is still meriah!
it was soooo close....
wht if i dont ran back to get my chrger?
then we both r truly screwed..

the wedding ends around 6.00pm,
we both are exhausted n hungry..
after the wedding we both head to ben's open house
eat grilled lamb n had a few laughs b4 we had home to our
huhuu..but worth it!:)

so this wht i had in mind for the next job

-bring camera charger
-bring phone charger
-bring extra money
-scout the destination of the shoot the day b4..
-get enough rest
-eat well
-make guidelines on wht to shoot
-do not burst shooting

ill show both of them my commitment!
n ill show them that im worth something!
n im sure one day ill be as good as them..
thnx sisters for the oppurtunity..
i wont let u guys down!:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bile tak jadi jamming

semalam memandangkn x jdi jam,
wat kali 3,
aku ngn kecewanya merangka sebuah plan yg classic iaitu gi lepak
ngn cuzin aku la si akem style kt nz..
so aku pun ajak la rizan dan naz seperti biasa laa..arap maklum mreka cm kak abg aku sendri..
ampir mne2 outing tnpa awek aku aku hret dorg skali..
so kul 10.30 gerak dri puchong pi gerak amek akem sblum gi nz..
naz ngn mel da bebulu tnggu lame smntara aku bebulu tggu cuzin aku mandi dan bersiap smua..
bapak lama ko taw..
adela gak dlm 40minit aku tggu dye mandi..
aku agak dye kire2 bulu tym ngah mandi tuh..
nak marah pun sayang..
msuk kreta abes wangi,segar..
tpi aku phm la dye pnat, keje cm anjing tpi gaji ckit je dpt..
tpi itulah hakikat keje production house. must be mentaly n physically strong..
kesian aku tgk..
lepak smlm pun sbb aku dok insist sgt..
cian spupu aku..
ok smbung..
stelah smpai ke nz..kami ternmpk awek dua bijik yg sgt menarik..
aku yg terpaku tanah tu pun dok usha laa ckit2..
comel..pkai shortpants, cardigan dark grey, rmbut pndek pras leher,idung mancung, cutting model..
skali tuh aku usha lgi, dye boleh toleh kt aku plak..
terkantoi usha dye..
itu jam aku rse cm kne sambar petir,kne baling botol kicap,kne baling slipar sume ade..
pandangan mata die sgt menajam..
aku nk cver pun xsmpat..
leher aku cm jam ttbe cuz terkantoi..aku pun terpkse laa tros mngusha dan berpura tgk sesuatu disbalik meja die..dan tmbul la rasa cm nk pkul diri sendiri sbntar..cuz aku malu la plak..
lgsg aku pun tergedik2 keriangan krana tlah di usha.
maklum la aku buknnye style pun cm budak lepak2 mrata..
sengeh2 kt pompan pun, pompan pndg aku blek cm aku ni keji sgt
so kne usha ckit tuh kire syok laa..hahaa..rare tuh..
haha cuci2 mata mlm2 apa slah nye kan..:D
buang ckit kecewa x jam dripda dada ini. yg penting malam sabtu krang jam...
x sabar weyh..
first jam untuk band bru..
band yg aku arap bakal diingati smpi bila2..
nak maju kne la berangan..
bia la aku berangan..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Old Man

the old man sits alone
on his old wooden chair
he desires to travel around the world
walking through continents by the books
that he bear

this old man knows everything
like i said, he traveled the world
by his book,
i wonder how such an old man
with not much wealth seems so briliant,
seems tht he've seen the world
seems he've been travelling alot
but he travel from the wooden chair
that he sat all day long

this man have lived a long line
he saw many things, he cheered many times
but as age goes by,
the smile on his face seems to fade
he turns to think of time
he turns to think of his faith
he turns to think
when is the day he would be sublime into the earth..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sahur dan kemudiannya fajar

yes its ramadhan ppl tym aku wat blog nih..
jam da kul5 pagi..
aku xtido dri smlm..
hanpir stiap ari cmnih..

aku sering tertnye2 agak x sihat gak aku jdi klawar tiap2 mlm..
bile tdo lgsg tghari bru bgun..
hampir ilang erti apa bestnye tym pagi tuh..

tpi hari ni aku nk wat prubahan..
aku nk tgk matahari terbit cm biasa aku wat sblum2 ni..
klua pagi2 *memndangkn class pagi sblum2 nih*
pasti indah klu dpt tgkp moment mtahari terbit dri dpan umah..
dgn pertolongan camera akan tercapai misi ini..

perot lapar...

sahur dulu, lepas sahur bgimata mkn chya nur pagi pula..:)